High Density Polyethylene Piping Water

INNOVATIONS provides tubing from 1/2" to 63", available in black  with blue identification stripes and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) connections for water distribution and conveyance. 

  • - Municipal Water Distribution
  • - Industrial Water Distribution 
  •  - Drinking Water, Water Conveyance for Agricultural Systems
  • - Treatment Water, Fire Fighting Water Piping    

- Flexibility 
- Resistance 
- High durability 
- Very low encrustation level 
- Zero leakage in the joint due to the Electrofusion and Thermofusion methods 
- Non-corrosion 
- Easy to repair, ideal for unstable floors 

The piping complies with AWWA C906 (1/2" to 3"), AWWA C906 (4" to 63") and Mexican Standard NMX 018 requirements.


Download our presentation on the water sector.

High Density Polyethylene Pipe for use in Gas Applications

Polyethylene is used for market distribution of natural gas, thanks to its properties of flexibility, strength and resistance to corrosion, it has become an excellent choice for your natural gas distribution projects. 

In addition to the quality of the pipe we provide, INNOVATIONS provides advice and technical support for the success of your gas projects. Always with the support of our expert technical personnel. 

- Flexibility 
 - Resistance 
 - High durability 
 - Non-corrosion 
 - Safe joints (Zero leakage) 
 - Ideal for unstable floors and underground gas installations 

The pipe meets all materials and production  requirements of the ASTM D2513 Norm, "Standard Specification for Thermoplastic Gas Pressure Pipe, Tubing and Fittings" and the Mexican standard NMX-E-043 


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HDPE Pipe Fire Fighting Systems

We supply HDPE Polyethylene Pipe for applications in Fire Fighting Systems, with the following advantages:

- Flexibility 
- Resistance 
 - High durability
- Low levels of encrustation 
- Zero leaks 
 - Non-corrosion 
- Easy repairability  

DRISCOPLEX® HDPE pipes and fittings are available to satisfy your needs in accordance to ASTM D3035 / AWWA C901 or ASTM F714 / AWWA C906, NSF 61 norms and FM 1613 product standards.


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High Density Polyethylene Pipe for Mining Applications

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe for the mining sector; excellent performance in the transport of suspended solids, with a longer life than steel and other materials. Highly convenient in applications such as:

- Acid Drainage in Mines 
- Chemical Extraction of Minerals 
 - Process and Industrial Pipe and Fittings 
 - Decantation Systems
- Pipelines for Sludge and Tailings
- Dewatering 
- Pipelines for Reservoirs   

We provide HDPE Piping (PE4710 HDPE) for mining applications under ASTM F714 standard requirements in diameters from 3" to 63". Pipe with smaller diameter than 3" IPS is manufactured according to the requirements of the ASTM D3035 standard.


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Spirolite HDPE Polyethylene Piping

SPIROLITE HDPE Polyethylene Pipe  is the leading technology in large diameter thermoplastic pipes, offering flexible, leak-free, cost-effective, lightweight, weather and corrosion resistant pipes. They can operate under a wide range of temperatures and are designed for easy assembly.


- Leading technology in large diameter (HDPE and PP) thermoplastic for low pressure and gravity flow applications 
- Sustainable: Minimum life time of 100 years free of corrosion
- Light and flexible
- Hydraulically efficient 
 - Available in established methods for jointing: Bell and spigot or smooth ends for field welding 
 - Manufactured using our exclusive process 
- Built with innovative walls
- Diversity of geometrically efficient designs: closed and hollow profiles minimizing pipe weight while maximizing stiffness in relation to weight 
- Available for various ASTM F894 standard classes, based on your application  

Underground applications
- Sanitary drainage for depths greater than 5m 
Water Transmission Gate
- Irrigation 
- Industrial Piping 
- Pipe Liner  
- Manhole Pumping Stations 
- Detention / Retention System 
- Underground tanks 
- At airports, roads and other locations requiring dynamic load support 


Flexibility: Because SPIROLITE is constructed of HDPE, it has considerable durability advantages over concrete or ductile iron materials. High Density Polyethylene offers a high tensile strength. It can withstand loads or deformations not directly related to the design, such as earthquakes and droughts. 

Hydraulics: Compared to traditional materials, SPIROLITE can be used in smaller pipes and have a gravity flow equivalent to a larger pipe. This reduces the costs of installation, transportation and materials 

Easy Installation: Spirolite® is produced in 50 feet long sections. This allows the contractor to operate with maximum efficiency by reducing the number of joints to be made. Benefits can be significant, as many contractors have found that they can install 20% - 30% more Spirolite® tubing per day than a similarly sized pipe constructed from traditional materials. 

Lightweight: The weight of the Spirolite® pipe is considerably lower than that of traditional pipe. Savings by using of a light pipe system, shipping costs and installation equipment can be significant lower. 


Download our presentation on High strength HDPE Piping (Spirolite).

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